Q8. May a Committee, by Local Rule, permit the use of distance-measuring  devices ?
According to R&A and USGA ruling - 14-3/0.5 Local Rule Permitting Use of Distance-Measuring Device Yes. A Committee may establish a Local Rule allowing players to use devices that measure distance only. However, the use of devices that gauge or measure other conditions that might affect a player's play (e.g., wind or gradient) is not permitted.
In the absence of such a Local Rule, the use of a distance-measuring device would be contrary to Rule 14-3 . (New)
Q9. Are there any restricted areas I need to consider when using my Sonocaddie?  
Sonocaddie can be used on any outdoor golf course in the world, but is not recommend for places undercover. (e.g. driving ranges, indoor courses, etc.) Your Sonocaddie uses the global satellite positioning system, (GPS) and works best in wide, open spaces, regardless of weather. Please refer to the user's manual for more details on restricted areas.
Q10. How can I track my driving distance?
Sonocaddie uses the global positioning satellite system. (GPS) Simply press a button to record different the beginning coordinates of your shot and the end coordinates of your shot, and Sonocaddie will accurately calculate the shot distance. Please consult the user's manual for more details.
Q11. What do I do when my Sonocaddie is not detecting a signal?
Please make sure you are in an open area and away from buildings (club house), deep forest, or cliff sides. If there is still no signal, please check your battery life (displayed on the screen). As a last resort, try restarting your Sonocaddie.
Q12. What can I do if my Sonocaddie is out of battery power?
Use three 1.5 volts AAA Alkaline battery or rechargeable battery for this product. You can purchase these products at the supermarket or at the clubhouse. Note: we highly recommend you check your battery level every with every new round.
Q13. Can I recharge my rechargeable battery through Sonocaddie?
Absolutely not. Your Sonocaddie does not facilitate any device to recharge your battery, so please do not connect battery charger to Sonocaddie. For more details, please refer to user manual.
Q14. Can I connect my Sonocaddie to other computer devices?
Apart from the computer systems approved by Sonocaddie, we do not provide any assurances, and advise against attempting to connect it to any non-approved devices.
Q15. Why is the distance of the course marker different from the distance measured by Sonocaddie?
1. First, please make sure that the distance unit either in Sonocaddie or the course is the same one. If they are different, please go to ?�Settings' in main menu and select ?�Yard??or ?�Meter??as the right unit.
2. Some courses measure the distances by using laser equipment. If the Green and Tee box are not at the same horizontal level, the yardage numbers could be different from the one of Sonocaddie. Most of Golf GPS devices measure the distance only in horizontal level, which is more useful for golfers than straight-line of laser unit.

GPS Golf device measures the distance of 'C' is shorter the 'B' of laser equipment

3. However, some courses measure the distance from tee box to the green along the middle line of fairway. For example, the distance on the tee mark or scorecard shows 410 yards, but Sonocaddie only shows 380 yards. Please see figure below.

Q16. Will I lose my data when the power goes off on my Sonocaddie?
All the data you store in your Sonocaddie will never be lost unless you edit or erase the data on purpose.
Q17. Do I have to change my tactics to use Sonocaddie?
No. Sonocaddie provides all the information you need on the golf course (distance to greens, obstacles, hazards, driving distances, etc.) as well as an e-Scorecard function to calculate your scores. So, there's no need to change any your tactics, except maybe to concentrate on getting better.




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