Q1.   How to set up XV2?
Q2.   How to make Sonocaddie a trusted site?
Q3.   How to download Sonocaddie driver?

Q4.   Why am I always prompted to install the driver?

Q5.   Why can't I use my Sonocaddie in Vista environment?

Q6.   Why am I unsuccessful in creating an account? Or, Why can't I login my account?

Q7.   Why does the page show "Failed to connect to sonocaddie.com!! ?
Q8.   May a Committee, by Local Rule, permit the use of distance-measuring devices?
Q9.   Are there any restricted areas I need to consider when using my Sonocaddie?  
Q10.   How can I track my driving distance?
Q11. What do I do when my Sonocaddie is not detecting a signal?
Q12.  What can I do if my Sonocaddie is out of battery power?
Q13. Can I recharge my rechargeable battery through Sonocaddie?  
Q14. Can I connect my Sonocaddie to other computer devices?
Q15. Why is the distance of the course marker different from the distance measured by Sonocaddie?
Q16. Will I lose my data when the power goes off on my Sonocaddie?
Q17. Do I have to change my tactics to use Sonocaddie?

If you still have problems, please feel free to contact vipservice@sonocaddie.com

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