1. Go to start menu on computer.
2. Open the control panel.
3. Double-click on Internet Options.
4. Once that window opens, click on the security tab.
5. Click on??the?"Trusted sites" icon?.
6. Click on the "Sites" button?
7. Please un-check the box that says, require server verification
8. Type the web site address in the small white box at the top. 
9. Click the "add" button?.
Q3. How to download Sonocaddie driver?

1.  Go to www.sonocaddie.com
2.  Click suppor
3.  Click on the first driver on the list
4.  A window will open.? It will ask if you want to open or save, you?´┐Żll click save.
5.  Another window will open, it will say Save In:?Choose the Desktop?
6.  Click save in the lower right-hand corner of that window.
7.  Go?back to the desktop, find the Sonocaddie driver icon.
8.  Double-click on it to open.
     (Note an Unzip" dialog box may open- choose your preference to?unzip)?
9.  A window will open that will have icons at the top and the words sndrvinstall.msi.
10.Double-click on this icon?.
11.A dialog box may open that says: publisher could not run this program, do you want
      to run?
12. Click?yes.
13. The Sonocaddie set-up wizard will open
14.You will choose repair and finish.
15.The driver should download successfully.



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