Q7. Why does the page show "Failed to connect to sonocaddie.com!! ?

After you have downloaded the Drivers for the Sonocaddie , you begin the installation process. After a few minutes you get a message saying, "Failed to connect to sonocaddie.com!! The program will terminate." There are three possibilities causing the problem.

1. Mac system
Sonocaddie does not support Mac system so far. Therefore the users could fail to connect to Sonocaddie .com if they use these operation systems to download the web driver.

2. Firewall (Corporate Network) blocks Sonocaddie Drivers
This Firewall could block the driver downloading. Please ask MIS department to fix for this.

3. Firewall (Windows, PC) blocks Sonocaddie Drivers
Here is the fix for this:

a. Go to You Start Menu and Open the Control Panel
b. Select the Windows Firewall

c. Turn the Firewall off

d. Click OK

You should be able to install the drivers now.

Note: After installation and successful download of your course(s) please note that Microsoft recommends the firewall be turned "On".


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