Install Sonocaddie Driver - For Windows Vista
Please follow 4 Steps to Download Sonocaddie Driver
1. Enable ActiveX
2. Turn off Firewall
3. Download the Driver
4. Allow Run ActiveX - When Download Course
1.   Enable ActiveX
1.1 Go to Internet Options
1.2 On the Security Tab, Click Custom level
1.3 Enable ActiveX


2.   Turn Off Firewall
2.1 Go to Security
2.2 Change Settings
2.2 Turn off Firewall
2.3 Note: After installation and successful download of your course(s) please
      note that Microsoft recommends the firewall be turned "On".
3.   Finish 1&2 before Installing Sonocaddie Driver
3.1 Download Sonocaddie Driver Now
3.2 Download the Driver
3.3 Unzip File
3.4 Run installation
3.5 Follow Wizard Step to finish installation
4.   When Downloading a Course, allow "Run ActiveX Control.
4.1 Click Run
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