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Note: "" this picture indicates this specific golf course has scorecard information.
  "" this picture indicates this specific golf course has GPS information.

If the Scorecard ""image is shown but the Satellite" "image is not shown you will be able to download the scorecard information only- but no targets (Green, Hazards, etc) will be available for download.  If you download the scorecard information- you may use the scorecard information to map the course yourself, or please email us a "hole layout" and we will be happy to map the course for you if sattelite imagery is available. 
  If your course is not mapped or shown in the database below you may request it here or mail to We are pleased to provide service for you.
Course Name Submitted by Date  
Gaborone Golf Club
Sonocaddie Team SA
Phakalane Golf Estate Hotel Resort
Sonocaddie Team SA

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